The Heideman Group is a group of mortgage advisors under the Delmar Financial umbrella. They specialize in the strategic planning of your home loan financing and compete on the value of their service… not solely on price. To do this effectively on the web, we decided early on it was important for them to showcase their knowledge. Phoenix Design believes the role of a website is to help a client establish themselves as an expert in their industry. One guaranteed way to do this is for the client to talk about what they know.

Phoenix Design helped The Heideman Group establish categories of focus – ultimately leading to more than seventeen pages of original content written directly by the Heideman Group. This content outlines their unique intake process, credit do’s and donts’, and lots of resources for homeowners. We always recommend our clients provide free, helpful information to their perspective clients and the public. Then, a simple but powerful call to action buried in the content doesn’t feel cheap or “salesy”.

The Heideman Group website helps distinguish them as “mortgage advisors” – not loan officers. This is accomplished through an abundance of free homeowner tips and advice.

Homepage video elements help add visual interest to the site immediately. We also peppered in graphics from past print materials we developed for The Heideman Group to help give their brand continuity. In addition to web development, Phoenix Design created a new logo and brand identity for The Heideman Group.

The “contractor spotlight” is a dynamic section of the site that The Heideman Group can maintain themselves.   Using the “Posts” function of WordPress, they can easily add new contractor references in the future.