Dragonfly Fitness & Training Website

By August 9, 2016 Websites

The Dragonfly Fitness & Training website is a bold and beautiful site that really embodies with look of the physical space.  Nestled in the Southampton Neighborhood (just a few block from the Phoenix Design offices), Dragonfly Fitness serves to help women fitness goals.  There slogan “Better Everyday” is central to owner Renah Jones’ outlook on the gym.  She first developed a WordPress site for Dragonfly Fitness & Training on her own!  When it was time to upgrade, she moved to a developer that specialized in fitness and gym website.  She quickly found the site to be too cookie-cutter and restricted.  From there it was on to at Wix.com site.

We were happy to see that she chose end up back where she started – WordPress!  Because Phoenix Design specializes in WordPress development (and because of Dragonfly’s commitment to support the local business community) we were a perfect fit.  We created the vide header using some existing footage from an old video of theirs mixed with new some gimbal-steadied footage we shot.  The result is a quick glimpse into the gym, the members, and the staff.

The site uses textures found at the gym (like the bright-green astroturf & parking lot pavement) to help enhance the parallax effect of the homepage.  The homepage also features an embedded full width Instagram feed.  Because they regularly post to Instagram, this feature helps keep the homepage dynamic and fresh.